Dear Ulysses, I cannot wait for you anymore. Your letters awakened my curiosity, so I left these boring walls to see the wonders of the world with my own eyes. ~ Penelope.

A Mexican native, Lucy has benefited from all sorts of opportunities. At 18, she became financially independent. Inspired by a letter to Ulysses, at age 22, with only $500 and two suitcases to her name, the free-spirited young woman bought a one-way ticket to France, chasing her dream of becoming an artist — more specifically, a photographer.

Upon obtaining her certificate from the Société Française de Photographie, Lucy travelled around the world, capturing the essence of the beauty in nature and the grace behind the faces of the people she encountered.

After many years abroad, Lucy married to Mike and settled in Dallas, Texas. She took a job at SMU. Thanks to the free tuition benefit for its employees, Lucy worked and studied at SMU until she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree over the course of ten years, graduating with honors (Cum-Laude).

Today, with a mature eye, an evolved imagination, and a well-seasoned mind, Lucy applies advances in photography to transform simple pictures into works of art.